Yamaha Announces Electric Motor and Powertrain Development for Hypercar-Class Electric Vehicles

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Yamaha Motor, one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers, has decided to enter a new business with its own platform and electric motor for electric vehicles. The company introduced an electric motor with a capacity of 350 kW (476 hp) and an electric vehicle platform that can be equipped with these electric motors. The Yahama electric motor is an internal permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) and oil cooled.

As stated in the official press release of the company «

That is, Yamaha itself is not yet going to develop an electric vehicle as a whole, but is already ready to offer its solutions for the creation of electric sports electric cars by third-party companies, and luxury electric cars.

Judging by the render provided by Yamaha, they have developed an electric motor that can be mounted two per axle, creating an all-wheel-drive electric hypercar, with its own drive to each wheel. As a result, such a sports car can have a total output power

Yamaha also emphasizes that their electric motor has a number of advantages, in particular a compact design that combines mechanical and electrical components, which are considered as a whole, integrating the gearbox and inverter into one unit. It can be assumed that the product from Yamaha can potentially be highly competitive in relation to the products of the Japanese company #nidec,

yamaha has a wealth of experience in creating compact # ICE engines for their motorcycles, and it is no surprise that they decided to apply their knowledge and expertise to create a modern electric motor for electric vehicles — «

Yamaha Motor plans to showcase its 350kW electric powertrain and other EV developments at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 Yokohama, which will be held May 26-28, 2021.

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