Xiaomi brings to the market Hydrogen-electric motorcycle Segway Apex H2

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The Chinese Xiaomi Corporation, which is one of the world leaders not only in the production of smartphones, but the means of personal electrical micromobility, presented the hydrogen-electric motorcycle Segway Apex H2. Let me remind you that Xiaomi bought SEGWAY in 2015.

It is worth noting that the developers of this two-wheeled apparatus have tried to fame at least in design for sure. It looks like Segway Apex H2 is quite futuristic, as if he came from the screens, for example, the film # Tron or # Running on the blade. All power elements are hidden under hinged elements, although the «cassettes» of hydrogen tanks are left for the review.

If you look at the bike on one side, it may seem that it is made

But no, on the other hand, it can be seen that the wheel has a classic hub, and it leads to it again the hinged element under which, most likely, the belt drive is hidden, so popular today from manufacturers of electrical vehicles segment of electrical mini and micromobility.

Mass production and receipt on sale #segway Apex H2 is expected in 2023. Approximate price, translated into rubles, declared in the area

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