What is the toilet in the Crew Dragon spaceship like?

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Here it should be noted that #spacex initially did not comment on the location of the «toilet room», and therefore information about this had to be collected piece by piece from various resources and individual statements. Some even suspected that SpaceX did not want to waste precious capsule space on a large space toilet, and their installation is a rudimentary system of hoses and bags, very similar to that on the Russian spaceship #soyuz. And according to American astronaut Chris Hadfield, the Soyuz is equipped with a rudimentary hose system, which the astronaut called «basic,» adding that astronauts are given two enemas before launch in the hope that they won’t have to use it at all. I don’t know if it’s a joke or it’s a kind of «cosmic» humor. But it sounds a little sadistic. Fortunately, there are more conveniences for # microseconds.

But in fact, Crew Dragon has a special place reserved for the corresponding node. It is indicated in the diagram, which you can see below. The corresponding plumbing is located at the top of the capsule, near the airlock. In the diagram, you can see that branch pipes go from this unit to the lower, technical part of the ship. That is, the system is in principle understandable, and based on ventilation for the distribution and suction of waste.

If you look closely at another photo, you can see a cover with the corresponding image on the side of the airlock. It is precisely behind it that the desired «white horse» is located. And when using it, this space of the ship is fenced off by a «screen». According to the descriptions of the astronauts themselves, who have already managed to use this unit, it resembles in its design what was once the Shuttle, only in a more compact form.

astronaut # doug hurley, crew member #crew dragon of mission Demo-2: “…

In the future Russian reusable spacecraft #eagle, of course, «this node will also be. From the available images of the future Eagle, it can be understood that the corresponding node will be located in a niche in front of the cosmonauts’ feet, and, if necessary, will be fenced off from the space of the spacecraft by a movable partition.

So, in principle, it is not necessary to joke too much on this topic. Until the #starship got up on the wing, where, most likely, there will be quite comfortable showers and toilets, then on existing ships this unit is rather modest in terms of convenience, but it is.

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