Volkswagen does not reject hydrogen as fuel.

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It’s no secret that the head of Volkswagen # Herbert Diss is solidized with the head of #tesla Ilona mask in the fact that hydrogen, like fuel, is not suitable for personal cars. Therefore, Volkswagen, creating its family of electric vehicles ID, made emphasis on the development and production of battery electric vehicles. But this applies only, and exclusively to the segment of passenger cars. And relative to hydrogen fuel, the largest German and European automaker has its own # strategy.

Today, in his Twitter, Herbert Diss explained Volkswagen hydrogen strategy. Firstly, this area is already engaged in the #man Energy Solutions automotive concern, a company in the Volkswagen group, which owns 75.73% of MAN ES shares.

Secondly, # Green hydrogen will be an integral part of the decarbonization of the production process, starting with the steel component, and of course hydrogen will play the role of the «drive» of energy. Since MAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS, including, produces diesel engines and # turbomachines for marine ships, and power plants and turbochargers of stationary use, and these directions, as well as the entire transport sector, expects full # decarbonization, it was true to focus on technology The production of «green» hydrogen, and engine-energy complexes using hydrogen as fuel. By the way, in this regard, MAN ES goes to the same course as another century giant of the world diesel industry #cummins.

Herbert Disnce emphasizes that hydrogen will be of great importance for shuttering shipping, aviation, steel or cement. Without hydrogen, it will be simply impossible.

That is, with time, in the near future, Volkswagen will become not only the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, but also the energy group, which will produce hydrogen itself, and the equipment that uses it, that is, simply speaking, stacks of hydrogen fuel cells.

So, we see the implementation of a clear decarbonization strategy that uses all the necessary technologies, and it is in the sphere where they are most effective. In passenger cars there will be batteries, and production, and heavy transport will be hydrogen. Volkswagen announced his strategy, and it will be implemented, step by step. It is also important to note that the policy of the European Union implies full decarbonization, and the use of only pure fuel in which there will be no «carbon trace». And this means that over time, the European Union will impose a ban on the use of hydrogen obtained by the decomposition of natural gas or using brown coal gasification technology. From this we can conclude that, for example, hydrogen produced on the atomic and wind facilities of the company # Rosatom will be more competitive than hydrogen derived from natural gas that is going to do # Gazprom. So the Russian Gazprom will still have to focus more on the domestic Russian market.

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