Varta introduced a new lithium battery V4Drive format 21700

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The most famous in Germany, and in the world, the manufacturer of batteries, Varta finally introduced its new lithium battery V4Drive form factor 21700. Today it is one of the most popular world, and manufacturers of electric vehicles, the battery format.

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There was no detailed information about the chemistry of the new element. But some interesting data were announced. In particular, the materials and windings of the element were optimized to ensure, especially low internal resistance, which gives the maximum heating of the element in the process of quick charging (

But it is necessary to clarify that for Varta, the use of their new element V4Drive 21700 in the electric transport is not an end in itself, and in principle to the main application market. The company claims that in addition to #Emobility, it can also imagine the use of «V4Drive» in drones or power tools. In particular, they will be able to make shock drills or electric saws with battery powered more powerful, and a quick recharge will make work with such a tool more efficient.

In addition to classic tools, new Varta elements can find their use in robotics. Now Varta creates an «energy heart» for the robots of #Softbank Robotics.

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Varta executives have not yet announced a list of potential interests of their element among automakers. However, they stated that their battery would be useful as an amplifier in premium cars, sports cars or as a storage of energy from recovery in hybrid cars. Also, the company sees the further use of their battery in electrified trucks with an optimized progress extender or paired with fuel cells.