Useful Household Rules or Helping the Planet

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Now you will learn 5 simple household eco-principles and will never be the same again. As a result, you will begin to follow the new rules of the planetary economy and sort household waste.

Despite the fact that there are 243 waste processing plants, 50 sorting stations and 10 waste incineration plants in Russia, waste processing plants are only 27% loaded. So we are winding snot on our fist, figuring out what to do with ourselves on long winter evenings. And real entrepreneurs, staffed with the latest technology, sit in a «hand» pose and pray for the awakening generation. But if everyone sorts waste, then there will be many times more raw materials in processing.

Therefore, do not disappoint humanity and switch to responsible consumption! After all, by giving plastic to recycling, you help the planet, yourself and your children and grandchildren. Moreover, since 2020, Zhilishchnik has delivered two containers in the courtyards of Moscow. One is for mixed waste and the other is for separate collection. But it is not exactly.

First of all, I will tell you about the kindest, most structured and sustainable project «Kind Caps». He personifies the wise Russian proverb: «with the world on a thread — a beggar’s shirt.» Held by the Volunteers to Help Orphans Foundation. For every 7.5 tons of plastic caps, an orphan child is bought rehabilitation equipment. The project participants collected 180 tons or 90 million caps in 89 cities of Russia. For 3 years, 23 wards of the foundation received help.

It is easy to become a member of this federal movement of goodness. Collect the caps and take them to the VkusVill retail chain. There are also other items involved in

Nobody asks you to give up completely from buying new things in favor of second-hand goods. However, you can buy quality items that will last for several years. You can also pass on things that were impulsively bought at the next sale. As a result, over time, you will become a responsible

First of all, this is a function that is not only important for the environment, but also useful for a personal wallet. The stores of the H&M network accept textiles in any condition. Textiles unsuitable for the production of new goods are processed into fibers. It is then used in the automotive industry to produce shock absorbing and insulating materials. While for one package you get a 10% discount on one of the things in the check for 2500 rubles through the application. You can check in no more than 2 medium-sized packages per month.

In addition, unwearable shoes can now be recycled. Chain store

You, of course, have long heard that used batteries are silent killers of the environment. For a hundred years of decomposition, one battery can pollute 20 square meters. m of soil. Therefore, the toxic compote contained in them, when it enters the soil, causes irreparable harm and

And what could be easier than collecting used batteries and taking them to the same VkusVill ?! There are special boxes at the entrance area for more than a year. All of them are sent to the Russian processing plant. First of all, remember that by disposing of one battery, you are saving a hedgehog’s life.

To summarize, social good is the ability of each person to realize along Maslow’s pyramid. You have a roof over your head, food, a second half, and the ability to provide this with a profession. So there is a desire for something more. As a result, if this is a desire for mutual help, then your life will soon acquire an objective meaning. After all, there is nothing easier than sorting household waste and being an assistant to wildlife. If you have come to other desires, it means that you have made a turn somewhere in the wrong place. Come back soon, because it’s never too late to fix everything. Live in peace with yourself and the planet!

The article was prepared by Irina Smetankina

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