US legislators are committing $ 250 billion to technology and research.

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The upper house of the US Congress voted on a $ 10 billion NASA funding bill, part of which is also NASA’s contract with SpaceX for the development of the Lunar Lander Development spacecraft under the Artemis program, or, more simply, the Starship lunar variant.

Earlier, on June 8th, the Senate passed the $ 250 billion US Innovation and Competition Funding Act, which is to become the financial base for American technology development and scientific research.

Transferring to our Russian reality, it is worth recalling how the financial block of our Government relates to the financing of scientific projects and space activities. It is not necessary to cite specific figures, it is enough to remind that even the head of Roskosmos #Rogozin has repeatedly «complained» about the underfunding of the programs of the department he runs. But the bottom line is not only underfunding, but also in the fact that in our country they like to bureaucratize everything and crush everything under state control. Just remember the fate of the few Russian private space companies. Comparing with SpaceX is a thankless task. There was a symphony of an innovative company and the desire of the parent US space agency to help a number of private companies grow. And as a result, now the number of private space companies in America can no longer be counted. Of course, they are at different stages of development, but the fact remains — we see the development and competition of projects and engineering.

Here you can recall an example from our Soviet history, when only in one aviation in the 40s, and further before the collapse of the USSR, several design bureaus worked. Each of these design bureaus was ready to provide its own vision of the implementation of a particular order from the state. Yes, it was not a «market» competition, but it was a competition of design ideas. And this is exactly what we see now in the United States.

New financial documents of the chambers of the US Congress actually put an end to the question of who will create the lunar ship. Let me remind you that #nasa made a choice in favor of #spacex and their version of the starship-based lunar ship. But frustrated competitors, #dynetics and The National Team, led by #blue origin, filed a protest, and for a while it seemed that the program would stall. However, the increase in funding for the #artemis program could suggest that in the end, SpaceX will not be the only company to build a ship for the lunar mission. And «Protestants» get a second chance, and a «share of the pie» and fame.

The funding bill now needs to be approved by the US House of Representatives. So how many working options for lunar ships will there be?

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