Ukraine may soon become an exporter of «green» hydrogen

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Ukraine, our fraternal republic, our brotherly people, our, in fact, our people. And so, of course, it is more painful to talk about it, especially in the light of the great Victory Day holiday that has passed, and what has been happening there since the beginning of 2014. But, as you understand, we are not going to talk about that. We will leave political discussions to political agencies and channels. We review and inform you about technology, energy and environmental news. And here is some interesting news for us, which will seem somewhat surprising to many.

The # pipeline # Nord Stream-2, currently under construction by Russia, will be completed and put into operation in one way or another. This, in turn, will undoubtedly deprive Ukraine, if not completely, then to a large extent, of receipts from the transit of Russian gas to Europe. You yourself know what battles are unfolding around this in international politics, and it makes no sense for us to list them. And against the backdrop of all this, information appeared that #Ukraine may in the future become not an importer or transit country of energy resources, but their producer and exporter. And now we are talking about «green» hydrogen. And here everything is quite serious, and no kidding. And if this happens, then the Russian corporation #Rosatom may in the future have a competitor in the European hydrogen market.

So what’s the point of the news? German energy company

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The project should be completed by 2050. Here, of course, we can say that by that time «either Shah, or donkey, or Khoja».

In our rapidly changing world, it is difficult to imagine what will happen in a year or two. But you need to understand that the European Union has long-term energy plans, and Ukraine takes its place in them as well. We cannot know what will happen to fraternal Ukraine in a year or three or five. But Europe, as you can see, has its own plans for the participation of Western Ukraine in their «green» course. And technologically these plans are quite realistic and feasible.

Let us state the fact that Ukraine, one way or another, will not remain aloof from the «green» course of Europe. And we can observe the creation of a new field of competition in the European energy market. There is no doubt that Rosatom will be a large and strong player here. But the Europeans do not like monopolies, and therefore will diversify hydrogen production by any available means, using, among other things, resources and capacities in Ukraine, in addition to their production of «green» hydrogen at offshore wind farms.

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