Three gifts for the Volga

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The eco-lesson consists of a methodological guide and three videos with practical tasks. Suitable for students in grades 7-11. For example, the presenter will explain the environmental problems of river basins based on the Volga River. It will also tell teenagers how to conserve the country’s water resources.

Teachers can receive a participant diploma and a letter of thanks to the school. To do this, you need to send feedback and photos after the eco-lesson.

The lesson was developed by the program specialists

The Coca-Cola Company has been implementing the Living Volga project in Russia since 2006. Its goal is to unite the efforts of local residents, representatives of government agencies, businesses and non-governmental organizations to preserve the natural wealth of the Volga and its coastal territories. More than 80 thousand people have cleared 65 km of the coastline. Collected more than 90 tons of garbage. And also 200 thousand schoolchildren took part in eco-lessons

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