This is LJJ for a reason — May 20 is World Bee Day

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The main goal of World Bee Day is to raise awareness of the world community about the importance of bees and other pollinators for humanity, taking into account food security, the global elimination of hunger and concern for the environment and biodiversity.

bees and other pollinators are very important to human survival as they make a significant contribution to the world’s food security. A third of all food produced in the world depends on pollination, and bees are the most important pollinators. Every third spoon of your food depends on the bees.

Bees are increasingly endangered by diseases and pests that are rapidly spreading due to globalization; lack of food sources due to intensive farming and due to the short period of the year when food is available; the use of pesticides in agriculture; the growth of cities shrinking habitats; and climate change.

In Europe, almost 10% of all bee species are threatened with extinction. In 2016, the number of bee colonies decreased by 33% in the United States and by 13% in the European Union.

If you recall a little, in Russia two years ago in several regions there was a massive death of bee families. This continues now from time to time in different areas. Then the main reason for the death of bees was the negligent and, one might say, criminal attitude of some farmers and agricultural holdings to the process of pest and weed control. They began to pollinate their crops with insecticides, without warning local beekeepers in advance to cover the hives and prevent the bees from flying out during treatment. Indeed, in the end, even one infected bee can destroy the entire hive. Which is exactly what happened.

Plant some honey plants the next time you are gardening. Plant flowers in pots and keep them on the balcony. Don’t mow the lawn for another week or two so that meadow flowers can appear. Here, by the way, I recall the almost insane proposal of one deputy, who suggested mowing chamomiles, dandelions and other flowers in the cities to zero. This «statesman» was smart enough, or maybe, on the contrary, there was too much stupidity and arrogance to suggest making the cities «sterilized». But it’s good that the madman was besieged by his colleagues.

Ask local councilors in your area to plant melliferous trees such as linden or maple in city parks. Apply for landscaping of public areas with perennial melliferous plants such as acacia or rose hips.

It is also necessary to promote through its deputies the position that, if any construction or repair is necessary, not cut down adult, healthy trees, but replant them entirely. If someone says that this is impossible, then it is not true.

In Europe and other countries, such a transplant has been practiced for a long time, which is carried out using a special machine. She takes out the transplanted tree along with the root system and soil.

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