The world’s largest solar company enters the hydrogen market

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Chinese companies have recently stepped up their drive towards a hydrogen economy. Following solar and wind energy, this is a new direction of clean energy, which will develop more and more every year and become more financially intensive.

Longi is headquartered in China and is the world’s largest manufacturer of high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells.

Longi’s entry into the hydrogen market was reported when it was revealed that Longi had registered a subsidiary in China called Xi’an Longi Hydrogen Technology Co. March 31, 2021, according to the National Enterprise Information Disclosure System. The system shows that the company has incorporated gas, electrolysis of liquids, new energy technologies, R&D, etc. into its line of business.

New company data also shows that Li Zhengguo, Longi’s founder and president, has been registered as head of the company along with other shareholders of Xi’an Longi Green Energy Venture Capital Management Co. and Shanghai Zhuqueying Private Equity Investment Fund Partnership.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of Chinese companies entering the hydrogen energy market. China has set a goal of achieving carbon neutrality, and Chinese companies have also begun to step up their contribution to the transition to decarbonization.

Hydrogen will have the greatest impact on industries, especially those that cannot be decarbonized by classical electrification, such as steel and cement. Suppliers to the hydrogen industry and especially renewable energy companies (solar and wind) will benefit as the renewable capacity needed to generate green hydrogen continues to grow, a process that begins today.

For LONGi, entering the hydrogen theme is a natural development of its business. In the field of solar energy, they have won their status and position, and I can even conduct charity events. For example, at the national LONGi supplier conference, the company announced that it will donate #pv modules to low-income families in Shandong province to equip their homes with «solar roofs.»

Yes, # solar roofs are made not only by the corresponding division of #tesla, but also by many other companies. And it is not surprising that the leader in this industry in terms of gross product is a Chinese company. So far, more than a million Chinese households have installed distributed solar photovoltaic applications from LONGi. At the same time, of course, we understand that Elon Musk’s company makes a more high-tech product, and beautiful in performance.

We see that clean energy is gaining more and more supporters and users. This means that the demand for fossil fuels, from coal to natural gas, will decrease every year. And when we tell you about this, you need to understand that this is not so much for admiration for the technological advancement of our foreign «partners», but for understanding the real changes in the world, and activating our own transformational actions, so as not to end up in this brave new world on the margins stories.

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