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Nowadays, not only the global automotive industry itself is transforming, everywhere switching to the production of electric vehicles, but also the preferences of motorists are changing. Although, one can say not only preferences are changing, but they are supplemented by new ideas and ideas about freedom of movement. A classic car on four wheels of course will not go anywhere, it will simply become exclusively electric, and it does not really matter what will be the energy carrier in it, the battery or hydrogen. But the garage of motorists will be replenished with one more type of transport — light three-wheeled electric tricycles.

In previous years, many projects were born that offered three-wheeled electric vehicles, as an addition or even a replacement for a conventional car. There was a Russian project

Now they could have a good export product. But, often, modern Russian investors, taking their roots from the 90s, want instant returns, and in «several ends». And the Bravo Ego project rested in Bose. There is an excellent project of the Russian tricycle-gyromobile # MK17

But beyond our borders, equipment of this class is very popular, which gives confidence to new players on this field. I will not talk about China and India in this case. There, electric ones perform mainly a utilitarian role, and in the western direction we already see consumer-class cars. For example, it is too early to talk about the success of the Lithuanian startup AKO Trike, although they presented an excellent

The most successful in this segment can be considered

And then there’s the Solo three-wheeled electric car from Electra Meccanica.

Founded in 2002 in Toronto, Daymak initially focused on small electric vehicles. Now with the company’s portfolio there is #electric bike

But the Spiritus tricycle is expected to be an absolute hit. In total, over 100,000 different Daymak vehicles have been sold during the company’s operation, according to their data.

The Daymak Spiritus is a 3-wheel, 2-seater # electric vehicle with a sporty character. It looks almost like a #Batmobile. In addition to the standard equipment typical for almost any modern electric vehicle, Spiritus has a solar battery module on the roof, from which the battery of the electric vehicle can be partially recharged.

Spiritus is announced in two versions, the performance and prices of which differ significantly. There is a Deluxe version for $ 19995, and Ultimate for $ 149,000.

The company expects their production to begin in 2022, and the first serial #spiritus will reach customers in 2023. Currently, there are $ 250 million in pre-orders for Spiritus. By July, it is planned to receive about 50,000 pre-orders, which will allow to proceed to the next stage of work — testing, certification, and the beginning of the process of organizing the serial production of an electric vehicle.

At the same time, the head of the company, Aldo Baiocchi, emphasizes that his company is no longer a # startup. They passed this stage almost 20 years ago. Today they are already a full-fledged company, which has its own production base (which needs to be expanded for new models), its own network of dealers and service, and most importantly — a long-term reputation.

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