The rehearsal of the piloted subborvatal flight of the pH of the New Shepard and the RSS FIRST STEP ship has passed successfully

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After 4 minutes and 06 seconds, the New Shepard NS-1 mission capsule reached its apogee at height

When preparing for today, the starting was also carried out to work out the upcoming, already manned flight.

Future «astronauts» conducted a series of tests inside the capsule, including checking communication using a capsule communicator (CAPCOM), input procedures and exit from capsule and pre-preparations inside the capsule.

The simulation of actions was carried out after planting a capsule with the crew, future astronauts rehearsed the distillation procedures, the opening of the hatch and the exit from the capsule.

The landing of the reusable pH of the New Shepard passed normally, and on a timestamp 07:21 He safely touched on the Blue Origin spaceport landing site in West Texas.

And on the cut-off 10:09 landed and RSS FIRST STEP capsule.

When the first start with tourists on the ship from Blue Origin, we will not say you now, but judging by the progress and success of test unmanned launches, it remains not long. Meanwhile, Blue Origin competitors are not dreamed. A few days ago, Space Company Richard Branson

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