The Martian frost is not fatal to lithium batteries.

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Ingenuity’s Martian electric helicopter does well on its first independent night in temperature

It also shows that # lithium batteries can withstand such low temperatures!

Of course, one night is not indicative. We will observe and see if they will remain functional by April 11, when the first flight is scheduled.

If everything works out, then this will not only be a historic milestone in astronautics and the exploration of Mars, but it will also be a good argument in disputes with opponents of electric vehicles, for whom even the Moscow frosts are almost «the end of the world» and a «stopper» for any battery electric transport.

On April 7, #nasa plans to remove the restraints holding the rotor blades together. Over the next few Sol (days, terrestrial), additional tests will be carried out on the rotor blades as well as the motors. They will also test the inertial measuring unit (an electronic device that measures the orientation and angular velocity of a body) and on-board computers entrusted with autonomous control of the helicopter. In addition, the team will continue to monitor the helicopter’s energy performance, including assessing the power of the solar panels and the state of charge of the ship’s six lithium-ion batteries.

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