The Martian electric helicopter Ingenuity has already made its seventh flight!

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Today, we can say with good reason that what at first was perceived by many as a pure gamble, and many loudly said that nothing would work out, was not over, but continues simply with triumphant success. The Martian electric helicopter Ingenuity makes its seventh successful flight.

Let me remind you that even the creators of the helicopter and the managers of its mission, before the launch of the Inventiveness flight program on Mars, said that they were counting on a maximum of 5 flights. And even then they said it with some degree of skepticism. But everything turned out even better than predicted. With each takeoff, Ingenuity climbed a little higher, and flew a little further, step by step, or rather, with each turn of its wings, confirming the loyalty of the concept of its creators from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The seventh flight of Ingenuity lasted 62.8 seconds, and the flight distance was ~ 106 meters to the south, to the site of the new «heliport».

Although, here it is necessary to clarify that the previous flight along the distance was still greater. Then, on May 27th during its sixth flight, Ingenuity climbed 10 meters, and flew 150 meters southwest at a speed of 4 m / sec. True, then there was a failure during the shooting and transfer of photos, which led to a temporary malfunction of the navigation system. But thanks to the good work of the auxiliary and backup systems, then the deviation from the planned landing point was only 5 meters.

The technology and concept that #nasa implemented when creating the first Martian electric helicopter has fully confirmed its viability and effectiveness. And just as importantly, the components of «Ingenuity», including lithium batteries, have confirmed their characteristics in the conditions of the Martian climate. This success will certainly open the way for a new way of exploring Mars with autonomous drones. And they will certainly be used by the same Europeans and Chinese in their next missions.

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