The largest Russian energy companies took over the development of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

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For the development of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, the largest Russian energy companies — Rosseti, RusHydro, Rosatom, and Rosneft took


And on the way back, he drove from Vladivostok, through the whole of Russia.

Without exaggeration, we can say that at the XXIV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the birth of the infrastructure alliance took place, whose task is to create an extensive charger for electric vehicles throughout Russia. One side of this «Alliance» is the company # Rosneft and # Rosseti. As you understand, Rosneft is the largest fuel company in the country who owns thousands of # gas stations from the Baltic to the Pacific Ocean. «Rosseti» one of the largest energy and power grid companies, which now has about 300 charging stations in its network.

According to an agreement on cooperation in the development of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, which was signed by the Deputy General Director for Digital Transformation of PJSC Rosseti Konstantin Mikhailik and Vice President for the Development of Retail Business and the Domestic Market of PJSC «NK Rosneft» Avril Conrey, it is planned to accommodate rapid charging Stations for electric vehicles on Rosneft AZK in all regions of Russia.

The Rosneft press release explicitly states that «… the development of the charging infrastructure will allow drivers to charge electric cars on a branched network of Rosneft gas stations. 24-hour operation and accompanying AZC service will allow motorists with comfort to spend time at filling stations of the company while charging their electric car. «

That is, we can state the fact that already during the coming years, and I assume that this process will take up to 3 years, no more, almost on all AZS of the Rosneft network, located on federal and regional highways will be established Charging stations for electric vehicles. And it will almost completely remove the question of the charging infrastructure between cities, which will allow electric vehicles without any problems to ride long distances, even on the so-called «urban» electric vehicles. By 2025, Rosseti plans to increase the number of eigen charging stations to more than 1 thousand units. The 30 largest cities and highways of Russia will be covered — an electric car can be reached by Murmansk to Sochi and Krasnoyarsk to Kaliningrad.

But this is not all. Work on the creation of a charging network will also go within the framework of the Rosseti partnership, Rosatom State Corporation and PJSC # KAMAZ. The appropriate three-sided agreement was also signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Rosatom, in particular, through its company Rainer LLC (enterprise of the fuel company Rosatom # TVEL), will be carried out by the production of energy accumulation systems. These drives, including, can be installed at rossetary charging stations, as, naturally, energy drive. It will be a kind of analogue of fuel tanks on the classic gas station. And this can be called the second party «Alliance».

The third of the component of the Alliance is the cooperation between Rosseti and # RusHydro. These companies have been successfully creating a charging network for electric vehicles in the Far East for several years. Today, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Director General of PJSC Rosseti Andrei Ryumin and General Director of PJSC RusHydro Viktor Khmararin, confirmed the commitment to further cooperation.

Remember the «wedding» skeptics of electric vehicles in Russia — «That’s when the charging infrastructure is — then …». Today you can confidently say that the process goes the right direction. And remind you that not so long ago

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