The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has published a full video of the first flight of the Ingenuity electric helicopter on Mars

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NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have presented to the public a complete video of the first historic flight of the Ingenuity electric helicopter on Mars. The survey was carried out at a distance of 64 meters with the Mastcam-Z and Navcam cameras of the Perseverance rover. Also, the survey was carried out in various ranges and using filters in order to understand the effect of the helicopter blades on the surrounding space.

The video clearly shows how a dust cloud forms around the helicopter during takeoff and landing, which is then carried away by the trail of the Martian wind. #Nasa can be congratulated on the fact that they included in the list of their successes the first flight of the rotorcraft in the atmosphere of the Red Planet, proving that this is in principle possible, and possibly even with the use of quite terrestrial, available commercial technologies.

Let us remind you that the historic event took place on April 19. # the helicopter Ingenuity, weighing 1.8 kg, took off 3 meters above its first helicopter launch site in the crater of Jezero, and stayed in the thin air of Mars for 39 seconds, after which it landed exactly at the take-off point.

MiMi Aung hopes that #ingenuity will be able to cover a record distance of 600 meters in its last, fifth flight. But this is on condition that the next flights are successful.

Aung believes Ingenuity is helping to open up a future in which aerial exploration of Mars is commonplace and where helicopters perform many important missions on the Red Planet.

Ingenuity Chief Engineer Bob Balaram of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory noted that “… the underlying dynamics of these vehicles do scale to a very reasonable size, so we think about things.

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