The fastest production car gets a new 12-volt lithium battery

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And now, 12-volt lithium batteries are coming to replace lead-acid batteries familiar to all motorists. It is clear that the familiar volume will contain mainly an assembly of cylindrical elements, most likely LFP (LiFePO4).

Naturally, 12-volt lithium batteries first appeared on electric vehicles, most notably in the electric cars of the industry leader, Tesla. But this did not happen immediately. Lead-acid batteries have long been considered the «standard» in cars, and Tesla’s electric cars have also been equipped with them in the past. But #tesla, as usual, has revolutionized this segment of automotive equipment as well. The first 12-volt lithium batteries received at the beginning of this year were restyled versions of the Model S and X.


If in an internal combustion engine a 12-volt battery provides energy for starting the engine, in an electric car it serves to provide energy for the interior lighting, auxiliary and emergency systems of the car. Compared to the «classic» battery, the lithium battery will last much longer, although its higher price today can be considered a «minus». Lead acid batteries are beneficial for use in automobiles that have high starting currents. And this does not apply to electric vehicles at all, and owners have been switching to 12-volt # lithium-ion batteries on their own for some time now.

The new #tesla model s plaid low-voltage lithium battery has a capacity

12-volt lithium batteries will eventually become as common as lead-acid batteries. At the same time, lithium batteries are more reliable, since they have a built-in automatic battery protection system (BPS). It protects lithium-ion cells from overcharging or discharging. The BPS also disconnects the battery by detecting short circuit, reverse polarity, overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent.

Already today, in our Russian market, you can find low-voltage 12V lithium-ion batteries that can be used in small vehicles and various electrical equipment. For example, the #landport lfp14 lithium battery, which can be used as a starter for motorcycles.

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