The export of Russian oil to Europe is reduced.

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According to the statistical data of the Refinitiv Eikon platform, on the basis of which monitoring and analysis of financial and trade information is monitored, the largest Finnish oil processing company NESTE OIL gradually reduces the import of Russian oil of the Urals brand in Finland. In the first quarter of 2021, the export of Russian oil in Finland decreased by 1/4 compared with the previous year. And this is especially noteworthy, because we remember, all last year was marked by permanent lockers, and, consequently, the slowdown in business activity, and fuel consumption.

To begin with, it is necessary to clarify that #neste Oil is the largest petrochemical company Finland. It has its own processing capacity, and is engaged in oil refining, biofuels and biofasting, there is retail trade in petroleum products through its own network of a gas station. For a while in the border areas of Russia with Finland, even the Neste Oil branded refills, which in 2019 were redeemed by Tatneft.

Reducing the purchases of Russian oil, despite the fact that earlier the company’s factories were sharpened precisely under the processing of Russian oil brand #urals, associated with the strategic transformation of the company itself. Existing plants in Finland pass the transformation process under the processing of bio, renewable and raw materials recycling (# recycling). In parallel with this, the company bought a Bunge refinery in Rotterdam, and built a new one in Singapore. And they will all focus on the processing of bio and renewable resources, instead of classical oil. For example, raw materials for Neste My Renewable Diesel in the Netherlands are used tooling oil from waste # McDonald’s waste. This method of fuel production reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 90% compared to fossil diesel fuel.

That is, it can be concluded that the company will continue the process of its transformation, becoming gradually carbon-lane, and therefore, in its energy balance, there will be more renewable resources, renewable energy, may appear and the hydrogen component will appear. And this will all happen against the background of a systematic reduction of the purchases of Russian oil. It is necessary to understand that such a course, with different speeds of changes, are also the other importers of Russian oil abroad. And it all goes against the background of the growth of the electric vehicle market, and the increase in renewable generation. The output is not difficult. When the countries of the European Union, # USA, # China, and others, speak about the carbon-imaging economy, it means that coal and oil will cease to be a point in the fuel and energy balance of these countries. With natural gas will be somewhat different, as it can be raw materials for the production of hydrogen due to steam conversion.

According to forecasts of experts of the International Energy Agency, in 5 years, the share of oil giants in the green energy will grow to 5%, and after 10 over half of the current oil giants, on the worst or failed to transform, the threat of bankruptcy will be hung. Already today, the world’s largest oil companies (BP, Shell, and others) gradually diversify their business, developing the component of renewable generation, establishing charging stations for electric vehicles on their gas stations, and developing the direction of energy storage systems. This process is not stopped by anyone, stuffing back not to scroll. Undoubtedly, it is difficult for those countries, in the past large exports of oil and gas, which today will not begin a parallel transformation process within the country. The energy and transport transition will lead in these countries to the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, again, if not to start transformation, retraining, and the creation of new jobs in the non-harmonic sector of energy and transport. This should be the process not loss of jobs, but their substitution. And the earlier politicians are aware of the whole seriousness of the situation, and will be terminated in controlled media to broadcast about the futility of green energy and electric vehicles, and will begin to actually assess trends and carry out appropriate changes, the more painless this transition will be for hundreds of thousands of employees of the oil and gas industry, and their families.

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