The countries of the Eurasian Economic Union synchronize the development of clean energy

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Integration processes within the framework of the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) created in the post-Soviet space are not going as fast as we would like, but they already have tangible benefits, including in the field of electric vehicles and renewable energy. Let me remind you that import customs duties on electric vehicles have now been zeroed on the territory of the entire EAEU. And I must say frankly that this decision, which came into force last year, was made largely thanks to our neighbors in the EAEU, in particular Belarus, Armenia, and Kazakhstan. So today, those who buy electric cars on the territory of Russia save a lot of money thanks to the work of the structures of the Eurasian Economic Union.

But the development of innovative directions is not limited to electric vehicles alone. Taking into account the global trend towards decarbonization of the energy sector and the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, yesterday, on April 22, the EEC Council decided to develop a second Eurasian interstate program, the implementation of which will contribute to the development of renewable energy, distributed generation, and the energy storage sector … The program is called «

That is, translating the words of the minister into «civil» language, all-round assistance to the development of small and renewable generation is expected. This is important not only as a way to «green» the generation, but also as an important element of energy sustainability and independence of the regions, which #the minister spoke about above.

It must be understood that if we want deep integration in the post-Soviet space, but at the forefront should be the interests of not individual companies, no matter how large, but the fundamental interests of the countries that make up the EAEU, among which the health of citizens and innovative development, going on keep up with global trends.

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