The beauty of symmetry.

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Dear readers, I will immediately make a reservation that the concept of a «production car» is, of course, a little loud for a motorcycle, which at first is assembled by hand and on order. But Curtiss Motorcycles has brought the prototype of its first electric motorcycle, Curtiss One, to the perfect perfection of all elements, and recently showed and put on the road a sample that will go into production. First customers will receive their $ 90,000 Curtiss One by the middle of next year.

Here, as in the first case, I’ll have to clarify what I think

Head of the company, Matt Chambers

In my opinion, from a technical point of view, Curtiss One has two interesting solutions. First, of course, the battery assembly and cooling system. The volume of the battery is filled with a dielectric coolant, which allows maintaining the optimum temperature of the battery cells. This increases their working life, preventing overheating when driving or charging. An electric motor is also included in the cooling circuit.

Secondly, I find the drive solution interesting. The Curtiss One has no transmission or gearbox — power is transferred directly from the engine to the rear wheel via a maintenance-free toothed belt. No gear shifting, no clutch, just a direct connection between the hand on the throttle and the torque transmitted directly from the engine to the wheel.

Also, of course, it is worth noting the excellent centering of the elements and the center of gravity. Naturally, the heaviest structural elements are the battery assembly and the electric motor. And here the battery is located as low as possible, and symmetrically relative to its structure. And in the same place, slightly behind and above, but end-to-end to the battery, the engine is located. You can even say that the battery and the engine are one. And that sets the Curtiss One apart from most EVs, including the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, and

So, #curtiss motorcycles managed to fulfill the minimum program and raise the funds necessary to launch a full-fledged production cycle. It is difficult to say now how the fate of the revived company, founded more than a hundred years ago by Glenn Hammond Curtiss, will develop. Motorcyclists are a special caste of riders, they want more individuality, and Curtiss offers this, and without compromising on performance and performance. And if the price does not greatly confuse new and old #bikers, then the company has every chance to develop and try to go beyond the concept of #startup.

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