The all-weather electric library Drycycle — protects against rain and passed crash tests

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Dear readers of the Green Start point, here is another example of a new type of electric transport, which in principle can not be strictly ranked in any one type — the electric library Drycycle. This is a typical representative of what I call an intersegment view. It has pedals, and it’s like a bike. But he has four wheels, there is a roof, as well as a battery and an electric motor. So this is also micro # electric car.

But the price is not at all cycling. British manufacturer asks for him as much

At first

As I wrote above, it is difficult to give a clear definition of how to call the owner of this car — an electric boot, an electric car, or an electronisticist. In any case, surprised views on the road is provided to him.


Naturally, this machine does not have a large luggage compartment. Although, a pair of bags can be placed in a separation located behind the seat. Electric library is mostly designed, most likely, for a trip to work and back home, and at the same time considering that you will not drive to the store and get sick for a week. Also Drycycle would be good for country and park walks, again without having burdened by a large cargo.

Among other things, the creators were disturbed by the paintesta of their transport. His strange design, even in British standards, should provide more reliable protection than a regular bike.

And of course, pleasant little things are added to the advantages — air tang-heater, heated steering and seats, as well as a wiper.

Dear readers, and would you buy such a typewriter for yourself?

In fact, I would like to see the race on such vehicles, on such sports and exhibition festivals, like

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