Texas start-up Volcon ePowersports raises $ 17.5 million to build its electric motorcycle line

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Texas confirms its new status. If earlier it was undoubtedly a state of oil, today it is a state of the innovative industry and energy. The renewable energy sector is developing with a vengeance here, with a new Tesla plant located near Austin in the final stages of construction. And of course the #spacex #starbase cosmodrome in Boca Chica crowns it all. Some locals may consider Elon Musk’s companies newcomers from sunny California, but the state also has its own electric transport startups.

Some time ago

Of course, it is not easy to start production from scratch, there is little enthusiasm, and investments are also needed, with the help of which the production base will be created. And the company managed to attract

Volcon epowersports management says that the first deliveries of products will begin in 2022, and by the end of 2023 the entire product line announced today will be on the market.

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