Tesla-style Micro Bike e-bikes.

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What characterizes Tesla electric vehicles? Innovative technologies, simplicity of exterior design and minimalism of the interior. Apparently inspired by this, Seattle-based industrial designer Kendall Turner created an exclusive series of electric bikes.

You can’t call them bicycles since they don’t have pedals, but they’re definitely not electric motorcycles. This is not the first time we have to talk about something intersegment. But we must pay tribute to Kendall Turner, the bikes turned out to be memorable. Although, I still think they have more spirit from #tesla cybertruck than from #tesla model 3.

It will not be possible to say much about the technical side of the issue, since there is not much of it on the manufacturer’s website either.

The bike is equipped with front, side and rear radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors to detect cars, potholes, bumps and other objects. This is practically preparation for a bicycle autopilot, if it is possible in principle. The electronic display is organically integrated into the bike frame closer to the control sticks.

Initial concept #tesla

Design is another matter. Everything is discreet and minimalistic here. No mechanical elements are visible from the outside. Everything is very simple, angular and technological. The apparent simplicity of the design is in this case what makes this electric bike # certainly stand out in the stream. But in reality, with a probability approaching 100%, you will not see them on the streets, since there are currently only 16 Micro Bike e-bikes produced, and all of them were sold at an online auction.

The winners of the auctions will receive «space» versions of the bikes, one marked as “

Although #electric bicycles are already sold, buyers will receive them only at the beginning

In our amazing time, we have the pleasure of observing the perfect variety of implementations of various technologies and form factors in all segments of transport. Riding on one wheel was once a circus number, but now it is almost common, and

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