Tesla Model S Plaid — faster than any Porsche and safer than any Volvo

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Tonight, Moscow time, in Fremont, Elon Musk held an official presentation of the luxury electric car Model S Plaid. As Musk stated at the presentation, “

The new Tesla Model S Plaid is not a restyling of a well-known model, it is really a new electric car, which uses a lot of new technologies and functionality.

Earlier, when Musk just announced work on the new Model S Plaid, the first thing everyone noticed then was the new steering wheel. This was so new and unusual for a production car that many wondered how legal it was at all. But after a series of requests to the relevant transport structures in different countries, it became clear that in fact there is no problem in the steering wheel geometry, the main thing is that it fulfills its function. And on this the topic of the helm was closed.

But the most important changes were «under the hood», literally and figuratively. The Model S Plaid has a new Palladium electric motor with carbon rotor hubs.

That is, Tesla continues to confirm its commitment to innovative development, and the use of the latest technologies that other manufacturers hesitate to implement. Of course, after seeing how it works on Tesla, they will then apply this technology at home. But Tesla will still be the First, and will be the leader.

Also # Ilon Musk said, however, without disclosing details, that the changes also affected the battery pack. Probably Model S Plaid will keep the cells at the core of the battery pack

All this taken together made it possible to achieve record dynamic performance for a serial electric vehicle.

It is very positive that the dynamics of the charging process is also progressing. For some reason, many still believe that charging an electric car is a long process that takes hours. But let’s not forget that charging formats are different — there is a slow night one in the garage from a regular outlet, and there is also a fast one at commercial charging stations. And also the charging time depends on the on-board charging of the electric car itself, on its power electronics. So, at the fast charging station

Another notable improvement that Musk drew attention to at the presentation was a new #heat pump designed specifically for use in countries with long winters. Musk said the new heat pump heats up 30% better in cold weather, while using 50% less energy than previous heaters. This is largely due to the increase in the radiator, which allows for greater performance and heat dissipation.

The presentation also highlighted new multimedia features and noted that Tesla is using a new #amd RDNA 2 GPU, with the same power as #playstation 5.

The presentation that took place was also the start of the first deliveries of the S Plaid model to customers. The production of this model will gradually increase, and in the next quarter it should reach the level of 1000 units per week.

The Model S has never been budget-priced, but it’s a luxury car after all. # the price of the «cheapest» version, not all-wheel drive, will be in the region

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