Tesla electric car accident in Texas

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Every Tesla crash becomes a reason to gossip about the reliability of electric vehicles in general, and the autopilot system in particular. And for many, it doesn’t matter what actually happened. At the same time, people are dying on our roads every day, due to the fault of drunk drivers, not everywhere of high-quality road surface, or the carelessness of the pedestrians themselves.

In the case of the last tragic accident with a Tesla electric car in Texas # Ilon Musk made it clear that the car was not connected to the program

But unscrupulous representatives of the «fourth estate» with undisguised pleasure savor the rumors, inspired by them, that, they say, the electric car was on autopilot, that the resulting # accident # fire was extinguished for several hours, although the firefighters themselves talk about three minutes.

In general, some of the drivers are too childish, thinking that if they get into a modern # car, they can completely «disconnect» from the road. This is not even foreseen by the # autopilot of Tesla, when the driver is obliged to sit in his place, keep his hands on the steering wheel, and, if necessary, instantly take control over the movement of the electric car.

If we talk about the possibility of deceiving the autopilot system,

And remembering the recent accident in Novocherkassk

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