Tesla autopilot — sometimes it’s better to overshoot.

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While driving on the highway at a speed of about 140 km / h, the owner of a Tesla Model 3 in front of the stream came across a truck with traffic lights in the back. Naturally, the traffic lights were inoperative. But they were, and Tesla’s autopilot spotted them. Only, apparently, such a case was not stitched into the Tesla autopilot program, and on the Tesla display one could see a rapidly changing sequence of emerging traffic lights out of nowhere.

It should be noted that the autopilot was not in an active state, but only tracked what was happening overboard.

It may be that this case will become a «nightmare» for the AI autopilot)))

In any case, this episode should be somehow recorded and worked out by the developers of the autopilot systems in order to prevent possible erroneous reactions in the future. The system must «learn» to understand # the context of what is happening, and not only react purely mechanically to signs or traffic control tools, which is # a traffic light.

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