Spacex will be engaged in cosmic tourism and construction of a new space station

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Spacex quickly becomes the world leader of the space industry, after the conquest of the market for commercial launches of satellites. The company plans to provide services in the sphere of space tourism. Aerospace company proved that it can reliably launch his ship with crew. Spacex became the only company that launches astronauts from American land under the NASA program. Despite the fact that the agency also concluded a contract with Boeing on manned flights, #boeing is already behind more than a year, from the test program of its #starliner spacecraft.

Spacex has already concluded several contracts with future passengers.

Based on the current planning of the mission, training is planned to begin this summer — NASA reported NASA in a press release on Monday, on May 10, in which the agency announced. «

Early # NASA announced that she chose #Spacex as a contractor to start the first two parts of the new international station

The purpose of the program is not only a landing on the moon, but the creation of the first permanent lunar base, which will be used for flights to Mars.

Vice Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that April 12 was accepted

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