SpaceX Successfully Returns Crew Dragon Resilient Crew to Earth for Crew-1 Expedition

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Today, May 2nd, the #crew dragon spacecraft Steadfast of Crew-1, the first long-term mission of the #nasa astronauts to # iss, successfully returned to Earth from orbit after a long hiatus. The crew of the spacecraft consisted of Michael Hopkins — commander (#nasa), Victor Glover — pilot (NASA), Soichi Noguchi — flight specialist (#jaxa), Shannon Walker — flight specialist (NASA). Their stay on the ISS, and therefore their spacecraft, lasted 168 days.

The Crew Dragon Crew-1 capsule undocked from the ISS at the end of May 1, actively using shunting engines, and after several orbits around the Earth, the spacecraft entered the splash trajectory in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. So the ship with very high accuracy in the area of splashdown was awaited by the evacuation team with the ship on which the ship caught in the sea was delivered.

The evacuation team worked very well and smoothly. While the Crew Dragon Resilient was still in the water, NASA technicians freed it from the parachute lines, attached the required rig to lift the Crew Dragon onto the rescue ship, and performed a cursory survey of the Dragon.

It should be noted here that this time everything went much faster than when the Demo-2 mission returned to Earth on the Crew Dragon ship «Dragon Endeavor». This is quite natural and understandable. Then it was the first time, everything is new. Today it was already a regular full-time job. The Crew Dragon Steadfast’s entrance hatch was opened approximately 30 minutes after the Dragon was deployed aboard the rescue ship.

The next time this reusable spacecraft, Crew Dragon Resilience Steadfast, will go into orbit this fall. It is planned that on September 15 it will deliver into space the first civilian, private mission in the history of astronautics, which is given the name Crew-3 # inspiration4, funded by American billionaire Jared Isaacman. The mission does not plan to visit the ISS.

For this mission, the ship will be slightly transformed. The androgynous docking station used for docking with the ISS modules will be dismantled, and an observation dome will be installed in its place. This is a really cool solution, and very interesting for tourist space missions.

And we are all looking forward to the flight of the #starship sn15 prototype _______________

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