Space Palace for Cosmonauts.

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At the outgoing week, China brought his orbit

What have you always seen when they watched reports from the board of the ISS? This is basically quite close volumes filled with various kinds of research and scientific equipment. And the cabins of the crew members are, something that does not want to write in comparison. This space is about 2x1x1 meters, well, it can a little more, not the essence.

In any case, talking about any comfort is not necessary. Modern astronauts and astronauts are real Spartans for which the main work, and not personal space at the station, where every cubic centimeter is literally on gold weight, and should bring specific scientific results. Therefore, there was no need to talk about the comfort.

But everything flows — everything changes. And how to deliver astronauts to the ISS

So far, the interior of the Module # Tianhe can be seen in the science and technologies presented in the Chinese Museum in Beijing an accurate copy of the orbital module. And the «cabin» of Taikonavta looks quite spacious, compared to what is available on # MKS. And this is not just a space where three cabins are located, this is a whole residential segment at the station. Here, there are also departments for the kitchen, medical schools, bathrooms, and physical training.

A total of six zones allocated for cosmonauts are obtained, and work and research will be held in other segments of this, and other modules that will be delivered to orbit later. The module has a system of life support, including, including equipment for the regeneration of oxygen, surbing carbon dioxide and other gases, as well as water recirculation.

By the way, if you have a slightly deeper, the Heavenly Palace can also be considered an international station, since 17 countries participated in the preparation of scientific projects on board the station. It is undoubtedly the largest project of international space cooperation for China, which is very important for the subway, keeping their competition with # USA.

And it is also interesting that the orbital # telescope «Xunyan» will really be considered part of the «Heavenly Palace», although it will not be constantly docked to the station.

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