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Earlier we wrote about useful

According to the results of the survey, the pool of useful rules have been produced, which will help to quickly come to an environmental lifestyle and remove personal tension from contestation from nature. Sort is convenient if you use lifehaki.

Suitable for consumption is reasonable: minimize packaging. For example, for vegetables and fruits, you can use an Avoska or a canvas bag for water — a glass bottle, for coffee — a thermal fuel.

Avoid impulsive purchases. Select high-quality clothing and equipment. Use dry cleaning and household services. Do not buy things at once, if there is an opportunity to exchange something or rent.

In order not to get confused with different types of plastic in the apartment, it can be collected in containers of different colors, or in different shapes of packages or just in different places. For example, 5 — in the toilet, 1 and 2 — in the corridor, 6 — in the kitchen, and 4 — in the general tambour.

Take a separate jar under the covers. Project

It is convenient to establish a tank with two or three compartments under the sink, where in the first stage, divided into processed and non-processable waste. And on the second — the sorted raw materials can be divided on the balcony or in another convenient place in fractions.

You can learn about the fractions by special icons on the product packaging. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 types are processed from plastic. Paper, Glass, Metal, Batteries, Eggs for eggs, Shoes, Clothes, Lines, Energy-saving lamps, Tetrapak.

Sort will be a habit of young children only if parents themselves are separated. If parents will do so, then the children will also do.

The habit of sorting is quickly purchased. The main thing is to understand that it is necessary to do without looking at the surrounding circumstances. After all, the good thing is easy and nice. It is this opinion that all people who surveyed are held.

The article prepared Irina Smetanekina.

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