Sorting garbage: problems of urban ecoinfrastructure

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From January 01, 2020, Moscow has moved to a separate collection of waste. Thus, the ecoinfrastructure intensified. To do this, in the usual places of garbage crew installed two containers: blue — for recycling, gray — for mixed waste. However, the citizens of this initiative are skeptical. We understand why.

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The logistics of garbage disposal refers to the commercial segment, which participates in government tenders. That is, everything necessary for the participation of the procedure has passed. So, in the field of feedback, the laws of the information open company are subject to the laws.

When the public signals are ignored, it causes doubts about the company’s legitimacy. Groups of society include journalists, officials, as well as direct recycling manufacturers. That is, in public opinion the corresponding conclusions are born and speculation appear. Hence, rumors about the absence of acting logistics to processing factories. And an understanding of the corruption of officials who conducted tenders. And guesses about the irresponsible relationship of the organizers whose hands are created by the city ecoinfrastructure.

The fact is that the waste paper is divided into three groups that contain their subtypes. Each type is processed separately. Therefore, the logistics will take the collected paper on the sorting station. Here the raw material is pressed and sent further. If the material is strongly pulled from rain or dirty raw materials, it is impossible to divide it.

The glass is the same as there are several types of waste. They are sorted and processed by type. That is, the glass is indeed considered inappropriate raw materials for most processing industries.

there is no confidence that all fractions will be sorted and properly recycled;

Of course, in order to figure out the situation, it is necessary to go to the sorting station

This is an apathetic approach. First, it is associated with the fact that the administrative part of the state was accustomed to consider itself the primary system of vital activity. Although within the framework of the current legislation and the democratic system, it is tertiary. That is, impulses for changes emanate from citizens. It is the inhabitants of the country are the first persons involved in the transformation of the principles of the state.

Secondly, the infrastructure for instillation for MSW and waste incineration has already been built. There are specific people and companies that are behind her. They are valid taxpayers. And that the new ecoinfrastructure is built, you need to invest a lot. That is, this is a complex and expensive process that will require from the state of tax breaks and long-term subsidies.

Today there is a fact of cut-off city structures from each other. It is impossible to apply to one unit so that they are redirected to another. Because of this, they remove responsibility, despite the fact that they relate to the Unified Administration. That is, from an ideological point of view, each employee does not feel part of a whole.

To establish separate multi-colored containers under the glass (special, so as not to be fed), plastic (several species), metal, paper.

Check in a potential operator, the presence of developed logistics in different processing enterprises of the city and Russia. As well as sorting stations that ensure the illeting of the recycling.

Place a plate with information about processing factories on the collection sites that raw materials are taken.

To conduct educational work in district publications, on the channels of communication of the administrations of urban prefectures and in other publications located on the state. support, including television programs, Internet, radio programs.

Run a long-term synchronized social campaign: outdoor advertising, TV advertising, promoters and information pages on, volunteer shares in district CSO, etc.

Ensure the opportunity to give a redemption at the home for remuneration.

In the place of gathering, write the rules of receiving recycling and its types.

Organize tax deductions to manufacturers who do not use that packaging cannot be recycled.


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