Solar microelectric station on the balcony of high-rise buildings in Russia

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Almost all anything heard about solar batteries, microgeneration.


The example shown below demonstrates that personal micro-generation can occur even on the balcony of high-rise buildings, and be not a burden for the sake of the experiment, but to give real benefits — savings on electricity payments, and some degree of energy independence.

The project below is implemented in Barnaul, and described it


How can 400 watts give 450 watts?

Very simple. The measurements were made in winter, when in the afternoon low on the horizon the sun almost perpendicularly shone on the solar panels, and outside the window was frost at 25-30 degrees.

Now, with the maximum power of the sun, the panels are heated, and their

Now (15:30) 438.1 W (88.7 V voltage is 88.7 V, current 4.9 A) comes to the home power grid. In the winter, about 16-17 hours, with the same sunny and cloudless sky, the voltage reached 92 V, and the current of more than 5 A.

In total, the increase in electricity on such days is 4-5 kW * an hour per day. On other days, from 1 to 3 kW * an hour per day.

The data is still preliminary, and not entirely accurate. But already unambiguously we can say that saving in March-April is at least 50 kW * an hour per month. Naturally, as we approach June (maximum solar power), this figure will grow.

It can be previously said that the 400-watt SES is capable of issuing in summer days, on average, about 100 kW * an hour and even more.

Closer to the end of this year it will be possible to talk about annual developing. It is likely to be at least 500-700 kW * an hour, which is quite a bit, only 1200 — 2200 rubles. in year. But, it is only 400 watts, at right angles to the ground (the angle of inclination is not optimal), and the most interesting thing is to develop only after 12 hours of the day, since the panels are oriented strictly east.

What are the advantages?

And very simple. You can consume anymore, and pay less

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