Save ordinary Ryan will be electric unmanned Heaviside Evtol from Kitty Hawk

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Yes, to the world, described in the song John Lennon #imagine, mankind is still far away, and the military of almost all countries torment any innovative technique to put on their service. Although, it is unlikely to be surprised. The history of mankind is full examples of coming to power of crazy politicians or religious sects that strive to rebuild the whole world under themselves, not believing with any victims. It is especially worth remembering on this day, June 22, the day, when the most terrible war came to our land for our land. Therefore, as they say —

California Startap

And if there was no full-fledged commercial application, but he has already become a tool in the exercises where one of the options for its use was demonstrated as evacuation transport. In the exercises called the #kitty Hawk, the Air Force Tests and the Sea Corps of the Marine Corps took part #kitty Hawk.

During the teachings of Heaviside EVTOL in unmanned mode, took on board and delivered the desired dummy. The military positively appreciated the quality of the aircraft. He is maneuveren, fast (maximum speed

That is, in theory, this car, in the cargo version, can quickly and imperceptibly deliver ammunition, and back, if necessary, bridle the wounded. What is just as important, in the Heaviside Evtol security element there is a parachute. So even if suddenly, for some reason, all its engines will refuse (which, in principle, is possible only when the electromagnetic pulse is hit), then in the emergency mode the machine will land on parachutes.


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