Russian-made solar panels will become more affordable for an ordinary buyer

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At a meeting of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission held in May, it was decided to zero import duties on goods for the production of solar panels for a period of two years. Also, until the end of the year, the import duty on crystalline silicon of technical purity will be zeroed.

The main production of solar panels in the #eaeu territory is located in Russia and Kazakhstan. Its volumes cover approximately 70% of the needs of our market. At the same time, about 1/3 of the required volume of silicon is imported from non-CIS countries. The Russian leader in the production of solar panels is the #hevel company, established in 2009. It is a vertically integrated company with its own research and development and production base. The zeroing of duties on components for the production of solar panels, which has come into force, will be able to make this type of generation available to a greater number of citizens. And even more so here it should be borne in mind that

All unused solar energy can be sold to the public grid, through your local # power supply, at the same rate at which you buy electricity from them, but only in the amount not exceeding your monthly consumption. If this volume is exceeded, the sale of electricity will be carried out at the wholesale rate. In any case, you are in the black.

What is somewhat surprising is the deadline for the zeroing of duties. As with electric vehicles, they are short-term — a year or two. I do not understand such a rate of fire when it is necessary for the market to be able to increase the volume and settle down. That is, it is necessary to lay at least 5 years for zero duties. But in fact, those who decided to be energetically independent, and besides, ride electric cars, are not very scared if you look at the statistics of the growth of the market for private photovoltaics and electric vehicles.

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