Russian battery recyclers ready for the influx of raw materials from the dynamically growing lithium-ion battery sector

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Vladimir Matsyuk, the head of the company “

Vladimir Matsyuk

We started with the recycling of lithium batteries from household appliances, these are cell phones, laptops, and now the range of recyclable products includes lithium batteries from electric vehicles, scooters, scooters, and other electric vehicles. These are automobile starter batteries, these are traction batteries.

As for the processing technology, in principle they are divided into pyro and hydro. Pyrometallurgy is when they burn, heat, melt in a furnace. Hydrometallurgy, this is what we also use, it is grinding into powder, and then, at the solution stage, the various components are separated. This technology is environmentally friendly, easier to control, and cheaper to scale.

For our company, this is the main business, and we adapt
to changes and needs in the market. We are preparing and waiting for the future influx of raw materials for processing

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