Rosatom lays the foundations for the hydrogen industry in Russia

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In previous days and months, from the highest Russian stands, including by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the need to create a domestic hydrogen industry was often mentioned as one of the elements of the future energy sector that meets technological and climatic challenges. As you understand, this would not have been announced so loudly if nothing had been done in this direction. The main work on the creation of the Russian hydrogen industry is carried out by the Rosatom corporation.

In October 2020, the # government of the Russian Federation approved the development of hydrogen energy in the Russian Federation until 2024. The objectives of the program include increasing production and expanding the scope of using hydrogen as an environmentally friendly energy carrier, as well as joining the country among the world leaders in its production and export. As you know, from our materials, hydrogen is now seen as one of the diesel substitutes in the heavy truck, mining dump truck, railroad and sea transport segments, and it will replace kerosene in aviation. Therefore, the creation of production of hydrogen on an industrial scale meets the strategic interests of Russia, as a country that has all the necessary resources for this.

In addition to creating technologies and infrastructure for the production of hydrogen in Russia, Rosatom State Corporation and #edf Group, the world leader in the field of energy with low CO2 emissions, signed an agreement on the joint promotion of projects in the field of «clean» hydrogen in Russia and Europe. This partnership will also work on the production of hydrogen, both by electrolysis and steam reforming of methane using CO2 capture technologies.

As we can see, the hydrogen theme today is not something hypothetical, but quite tangible and real. This is something that within 3-5 years will give a real return, creating a new branch of the Russian fuel and energy complex. I would like to remind you that at the end of 2020, at a meeting with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Vladimir Putin ordered to make a Russian bus running on hydrogen by 2023. And this means that Russian developments in the field of creating hydrogen fuel cells will be fully applied, and Rosatom is also working on creating hydrogen production, storage and transportation. This means that the creation of an appropriate refueling infrastructure should be expected. And finally, those who, today, oppose electric buses, although in principle I also believe that a real electric bus should not have ICE technology elements, even as an interior heater, will lose grounds for criticism, since the new H2-bus will be completely environmentally friendly. clean.

Let me also remind you that Rosatom has in its luggage a project for the production of lithium batteries in Russia.

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