Regulation of the use of electric scooters required

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In fact, this problem is not new. We have been writing about it since 2017, citing the example of the same California.

To do this, they must have responsible and truthful analysts nearby. But, apparently, no, neither one nor the other. And therefore, even today, after many accidents, officials prefer to negotiate words with the owners of the same kick-sharing services, on the hardware speed limit of electric scooters, instead of registering this type of transport in the # traffic police, along with a bicycle.

And this is an extremely important question. If sane cyclists still dismount in front of the crosswalk to cross the road, then the question with electric scooters is more complicated, especially if he is carrying a child whose parents have not taught how to use this means of transportation correctly. The recent case with a ten-year-old girl in the suburbs of Moscow is a sad proof of this. Although there was a regular # scooter. But the child was still not taught responsible behavior on the road, and the result was a tragedy.

You can see the questions and answer options in the screenshot below.

The overwhelming majority of those who voted believe that electric scooters should be officially registered in the traffic rules as a vehicle for personal mobility, along with a bicycle. This is not a question of prohibitions, but of regulation and liability. Responsibility for life, your own and your neighbors in the movement. What these regulations should be is a matter of discussion and consultation between the authorities and the expert community.

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