Raise the sails, that is, the wings!

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Everything is new, it is well forgotten old. About sails, and the variety of their types, which can be used on modern marine vessels, I wrote many times. Among the options were

And so that the future of commercial maritime shipping is clean and safe, several French companies have teamed up to create the Trade Winds 2500 wind-powered container ship with a deadweight of 32,500 tons and a capacity of 2,500 twenty-foot containers. A French naval architecture firm is involved in the project

Trade Winds 2500 will be 197 meters long and 32 meters wide. On the cargo deck, between the container stowage areas, there will be six Oceanwings fenders mounted on a vertical sliding mechanism so that they can be partially removed when the ship enters and is in port so that it can safely pass under bridges without interfering with work. dock cranes. Also, the wing-sail mechanism allows it to be easily and quickly removed during a storm. Modern sailors don’t have to darn their sails while standing on rigging rigs. #ayro is also developing a complementary system to tilt #oceanwings as needed. That is, the system will flexibly adapt to more efficiently use the wind force.

At first, the Trade Winds 2500 will be a hybrid vessel, as it also plans to house an LNG-powered generator set. However, this element pre-sets the possibility of a quick transformation for the use of hydrogen or ammonia as fuel. In any case, it will no longer be a diesel- or fuel-oil-smoking «dinosaur» of the outgoing fossil-fuel era.

Another large ship that used Oceanwings was a cargo ship under construction for a French space company.

And another ship with a similar setup, a solar hydrogen catamaran

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