Olivier Lombard presented a prototype of a sedan with a hydrogen engine Alpha 0

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French Racer Olivier Lombard at Viva Technology Show presented

The prototype was not only shown at the exhibition, but also on the Lina-Montlery highway, its speed characteristics were demonstrated. And what could be the best advertisement than the car actually chasing the ribbon ring. Fully car and the project is called Hopium Machina Alpha 0, and here, from the PR point of view, there is some ambiguity, namely in the sound of the first word. If the architecture of the car itself is very interesting, and almost flawless, then the name is somewhat strange.

Despite this, this car has already been lined up from customers. At the time of the presentation Alpha 0, this electric car wanted to buy a little more than 1000 people. And they will receive license cars, which will show their exclusivity. The French in this regard are patriotic people, and they love to support their manufacturers, especially if they do something that can create a new world trend.

On the track Alpha 0, the total capacity of its electric motors is 500 hp, showed a speed of 200 km / h. This is not a maximum possible, but enough to show the energy-containing machine. The promised range of the mileage at one refueling is 1000 km, and the full refueling will take only 3 minutes. The beginning of the serial assembly is expected in the first quarter of 2022. At first it will be almost manual assembly at current production facilities. But in 2025, Olivier Lombard plans to put into operation a new automotive plant, where the production of hydrogen cars will be released but a new level. The price of Alpha 0 is set at the level of 120,000 €.

Alpha 0 design created Felix Godard, who previously worked with Renault-Alpine, Citroën, Porsche and Tesla. Some of the technical solutions were created by California technological companies, and the supplier of hydrogen reservoirs is Plastic Omnium.

By the way, it is worth noting that the Europeans, and the French in particular, are very seriously engaged in the development of precisely the hydrogen directions in the transport sector. This is not a fault, and not a burden. It just goes in line with European policies to create a full-fledged hydrogen industry, ranging from the production of «green» hydrogen by electrolysis on offshore wind farms, and ending with its use in a variety of production and transport sectors. Hydrogen will give energy for steel production, and it will also give energy for aviation, railway locomotives, long-haul tractors, and of course something will remain for passenger cars. All this in general will gradually reduce the consumption of oil and petroleum products, which, by the way, judging by the statistics, noticeably today.

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