Off-road electric skateboard — there is such a thing

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Our readers are no longer surprised by anything. We often say that today is the time of symbiosis and transsegmental vehicles, when sometimes you yourself do not understand how to classify this or that product. So it turns out, then an electric bike, then an electric bike, then a cycle bike. And such a mixture of «genres» is just very suitable for the segment of personal micromobility. That with which we will introduce you today from this kind. Although here we will rather talk about the «classical» technique, but in an interesting design and unusual functionality.


How much does a regular skateboard cost? Judging by the instant search on Yandex, prices start a little higher than 2,000 rubles. Prices for an electric skate start at 18,000 rubles. Off-road WowGo AT2 will cost about 85,000 rubles! Well, well, if we compare this price with the expensive smartphone of the Apple company, I’ll tell you that it’s better to skate for that kind of money — you will not spoil your eyesight, you will be more outdoors, moreover, surrounded by sports and active friends.

And what kind of money does it have? Probably there should be some cool characteristics? And they are.

According to the manufacturers themselves, they choose the best components — Samsung batteries, the best 90 double drive motor, German FAG bearings combined with Japanese thread glue, and deep water resistance. And from the seemingly most elementary vehicle, it turns out quite a technological machine, and with excellent characteristics.

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