New route across the English Channel.

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A little over a week ago, we told you about the Boston-based startup Regent Craft, whose founders took on an old ekranoplan idea and charged it with electrical energy. The result is a stunning design electric ekranoplan Seaglider.

Then some commentators, naively believing themselves to be more experts in the topic than the creators of Seaglider or the first customers, began to move the thought,

The French shipping company Brittany Ferries, which has operated a ferry service between France and Great Britain through the # English Channel since 1973, became interested in the Seaglider ekranoplane from #regent craft.

Understanding the need for development, especially in the presence of such a competitor as the Eurotunnel and #Eurostar trains, as well as in line with the EU policy aimed at decarbonizing the transport sector, Brittany Ferries management seriously considers Seaglider as one of the ways to expand its business. The American passenger (and possibly also the cargo version) ekranoplane # sea glider, according to the owners of the French ferry company, has great potential in the future as a high-speed, environmentally friendly, and safe way to travel from continental Europe to British ports and cities. The ekranoplan will obviously appeal to those who are afraid to fly in airplanes, or those who are afraid to rush in a tunnel not only underground, but also under water. And in any case, it’s more interesting, to fly almost a few meters above the water. It will be faster than a classic ferry and as comfortable as on an airplane or train. In any case, passengers will have more choice.

Brittany Ferries signed a letter of intent with Regent Craft, according to which, by 2028, the company will establish # passenger traffic between the UK and France using Boston-based ekranoplanes with a passenger capacity of 50-150 people. The first flights will begin in 2025, and for this, ekranoplanes for 12 passengers will be used, which will be built on the basis of the previously presented option. For this type of communication, you can use the existing port infrastructure only by adding an ekranoplan charging element to it. As noted by Brittany Ferries, a flight from Portsmouth to # Cherbourg will take only

The energy transition is a priority for companies whose management realistically sees and evaluates the transformations taking place in the transport and energy sectors. And apparently the #brittany ferries management is one of those. Therefore, they are already laying the foundation for the development of their business in the coming era of decarbonized transport.

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