NASA chose Spacex as a company that builds a ship for landing on the moon

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What many wondered about, accomplished. NASA was determined with the sequence of the Moon Mission, and what ship, and at what stage will be used.

NASA has long been developing the program on returning to the moon, and is preparing to send astronauts to study the Moon as part of the program

Many laughed that they say it is «strange» by non-computer modeling, but «breaks» real prototypes «in the gland», going through trial and errors. But you forgot the old Russian saying — «Well the one who laughs laughs»!

Ilon Mask and Spacex with its StarShip tests showed dynamics and progress in real work. And it was rated in NASA.

Spacex is selected to continue the development of the first commercial landing module, which will safely deliver two American astronauts to the surface of the moon. And one of these astronauts will be a woman.

If everything goes according to plan, and on time, then the mission sequence will be next.

PH Space Launch System will launch four astronauts on board the #Orion spacecraft, which will be released on the lunar orbit. There they will already be waiting for the Lunar Ship «HLS» from Spacex, which will drive two members of the crew of the mission. HLS and deliver them to the surface of the moon. Return to the Earth will be held in the reverse order. On the surface of the Earth, astronauts return to Orion, and the Lunar Starship will remain in the orbit of the Moon wait for the next mission. It is likely that it will be part of the lunar orbital station

What else is interesting, so this is what judging by the render, the lunar starship will have powerful support and planting structures that will give the necessary support area for sustainable attack and fix the ship on the surface of the Earth’s satellite surface.

The amount of the contract is 2.89 billion dollars.

HLS STARSHIP from Spacex, designed to land on the moon, relies on the #Raptor engines tested by the company and the flight traditions of Falcon and Dragon devices. StarShip includes spacious decks for crew and cargo, as well as two output gateways.

The #StarShip architecture is defined as a fully reusable start and landing system, intended for flights to the moon, Mars and other destinations.

Ilon with undisguised satisfaction commented on this solution # NASA in his twitter, screenshots from which you can see above.

So. Spacex goes to the moon. Can Americans catch up # Roskosmos under the leadership of Rogozin?

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