Motors «Slavyanka» found their application in China and received a European certificate

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Alexa Gallery (A.S.)

Good afternoon Victor! Today, please tell us about the electric scooter V2 with the DA-90S motor.

Victor Arrests (V.A.)

4 modifications of traction engines are made on the basis of factory motors, with standard stables and rotors, by modernizing the technology of combined windings «Slavyanka». They can be installed on motorcycle technique or light cars.

DA-90S rated power of 3 kW, 3,300 rpm.

DA-100S rated power of 5 kW, 3,000 rpm.

DA-100SL rated power of 7 kW, 3,200 rpm.

DA-112SL rated power of 15 kW, 3,200 rpm.


All transport are installed engines with combined windings, as well as controllers for each engine manufactured by ASPP Weihai.



Motor DA-90S is a modified Y2-90S-6 engine of Chinese production. The power of the original is 750 watts.

Now a little story for your readers. This scooter was prepared since 2019 for deliveries to Korea. But due to the pandemic and closing of the borders, all the movement on the project with Korea was suspended. But we started certification for Europe and finally all the questions are settled and we received a certificate of hand!

The electric scooter V2 with the DA-90S motor has an improved design, and it practically did not affect the characteristics of the scooter, and vice versa gave this model even greater elegance.

For mass production, a 40 hour removable battery is installed. But if you wish, you can change and install the battery 50 Ah. Naturally, it will increase the distance of the mileage.

Unlike the first model, the external design is completely modified in the V2 scooter, the motor on both sides is closed with plastic. The display also changed to a brighter and clearly reflected speed information and light signals.

Scooter acquired an additional feature for traffic safety. This is a combined braking system.

If only a function (EBS) is available on the first model — an electrical braking system, which allowed the front brake lever, to slow down the rear wheel simultaneously using the recuperative braking with an electric motor, which ensures not only safety for the driver, but also the refund of electrical energy in Rechargeable battery.

On the new model, the system (CBS) combined braking system — drives the front wheel brake when pressed on a foot brake. So in both cases, you use the front or rear brake, the triple braking system, the hydraulically mechanical brake of the front and rear wheel, and plus a more efficient smooth recovery brake that does not affect brake shoe wear and simultaneously increasing the mileage on one charging. It is this possibility that allows the engine to slow down even with a slight press on the brake lever, and significantly reduces the wear of the entire brake system. Naturally, these constructive innovations in the brake system have a positive effect on the safety of motion and reduce the consumable component during the repair of the chassis.

And as usual, what was created in Russia, fastened its use and recognition abroad. China has already established the production of electric scooters and other small-class vehicles using motors created using Slavyanka combined windings technology. They also received European certification.

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