Mossy green walls — ecodesign quirks

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At first glance, modern eco-design technologies may seem strange and bizarre to many. For example, the Italian company Benetti Home has created a technology for covering the walls of an apartment or house with a natural material, which is moss.

In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised. Our regular readers should remember that the German electric car startup Sono Motors used moss in its «solar» electric car Sion in the air purification system.

Benetti Home uses Cladonia lichen in the Benetti Moss interior design line

The natural cream color of this moss can be adapted to 12 different green wall colors. Designers can also choose from a variety of customizable sizes and shapes to suit their preferences. Companies have taken full advantage of this feature in the past, using moss to display logos, personalized designs, and different types of embellishments in different colors.

Moss attaches easily to both walls and ceilings.

Made from 100% natural and stabilized lichen moss, this «vertical garden» does not attract dust or insects and can be adapted to almost all types of indoor spaces.

Founded in 2016, the moss panels have excellent sound insulation and fire retardant properties, according to the company.

Although Benetti Home is an Italian company, it receives about 80% of its orders abroad, mainly in the United States.

Benetti Home recently successfully exploited the sound-absorbing properties of lichens by developing Benetti Sound. The new vertical garden model, introduced in 2021, combines engineering technology with soundbars.

Just like Benetti Moss, Benetti Sound can be adapted to different types of spaces, including shops, offices, event spaces and restaurant dining rooms. A team of acoustics specialists customize acoustic designs based on the design, size and use of the client’s premises.

Today, more and more often they order «living walls» for interiors, but not everyone has the time or opportunity to take care of their condition. And you want to have a sense of nature in the room.

Joe Zazzera and Pat Mahan of Plant Solutions battled this problem and developed the Moss Wall Art solution. «It was 2009, the height of the Great Recession.» Joe says, «Our clients loved the living walls we designed, but many of them were reluctant to shoulder the watering and maintenance costs because their business was unstable.»

Using sustainably harvested and naturally preserved moss, lichens, ferns and chipped timber, they have developed a suite of patented techniques that bring a sense of nature to a wide range of interiors.

Today, when we are surrounded by concrete, traffic, noise, pollution and the constant noise of modern life. We are falling asleep in a chaotic digital lifestyle, and we live in a constant state of information overload and attention fatigue. Over time, our physical and mental well-being begins to falter.

Biophilia, which literally translates to love of nature, is our innate emotional need for open spaces, fresh air, green spaces and the murmur of cool flowing water.

We need to harmonize our living space and modern technologies. And sometimes green technologies, in the literal sense of the word, are embedded in modern electric vehicles and design solutions.

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