Ministry of Industry and Commission of Russia and the Moscow region invite Ilona Mask to build a TESLA plant in Russia

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Moscow «Third Rome», and we have adopted a lot from Byzantium, including the art of political intrigue. Let me remind you, dear readers, that in early February, the head of Tesla and Spacex

Some of course love to run ahead of the steam locomotive and, taking pants to scream, in this case, that the mask is an enemy and the Mason agent. But in the «Byzantine» politics, not everything is so obvious.

Yesterday’s speech of Ilona Mask on the Russian educational Marathon «New Knowledge» was not just enchanting in content, and how Russian students met him, as well as how Mask showed his respect and respect with Soviet and Russian engineers and philosophers, it also showed also The attitude towards him in the ruling tops of Russia. The old formula is true here: if you can’t confront the process — to head it. Of course, it will not be turned out to be headed, in the sense of electromotive. But you can try not to stay on the sidelines. And it was yesterday’s performance of a mask and the reaction subsequent on him showed this change of vectors.

The first thing is that the performance of the mask at the Marathon announced the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation # Sergey Kiriyenko. And yesterday, the mask presented the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin # Dmitry Peskov. And then it turned out that he mask and invited to participate in him. So, maybe in the open dialogue mask and Putin, we did not see, but, undoubtedly, the sands discussed this with the president, and it was decided to invite Ilon to communicate with Russian students that they were closer and more interesting. And everything went cool and it is interesting that you can see on the video from the forum.

But the most interesting thing happened after the mask on the marathon, in which he said several times, he was ready to come with Tesla to Russia, and build a plant here. At first, the governor of the Moscow region # Andrei Vorobyov, and then in the official twitter of the Ministry of Industry and Commission of Russia, there were reports with the invitation of the Ilona Mask to build a Tesla plant in Russia. Knowing our officials, especially as high-ranking, I have no doubt that this offer was discussed in advance at the highest level. And it was probably decided on economic feasibility to invite Tesla to Russia. By the way, what #tesla worse # Reno or # Volkswagen?

By the way, it would be nice to appear in the Moscow region a new automotive plant. In the post-Soviet time we survived the era of cities changedustrialization. Remember how much plants were closed in the same Moscow — # AZLK, # Zil, tire plant, and so on, they are not even counting them now. I, although Moskvich himself, but support one of those who answered the tweet of Governor Sparrow, in which it was written that the Bogorodsky District, the city of Electrician is a great place for the future TESLA plant.

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