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Only yesterday I am you

Everyone knows that #Ilon Musk loves to talk and joke about cryptocurrencies. But as they say, in every joke there is a grain of a joke, and the rest is true. Especially many were amused by his Twitter posts about #dogecoin. And with #bitcoin everything was absolutely serious and prudent. But there was only one «BUT». The only way to be considered the correct cryptocurrency is now that it is mined with extremely clean energy, with a carbon footprint tending to zero. And for this it is necessary that # mining takes place exclusively from renewable generation.

And so, based on this message, having equipped their Spiritus three-wheeled electric car with solar panels, Daymak equipped each Spiritus vehicle # with a blockchain node, which includes the Daymak Nebula Miner and Nebula Wallet. Daymak Nebula technology makes Daymak Spiritus the first vehicle in history capable of mining cryptocurrencies. The Nebula infrastructure turns Spiritus vehicles into green nodes for crypto miners, an unprecedented milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology.

The Nebula Miner platform will make money while you are parked. Spiritus vehicles will come standard with an industry-leading GPU in terms of price-benefit ratio. Every time the car is parked, it will make money for its owner by taking energy from either solar panels or wireless charging. #spiritus and #cryptocurrency will go hand in hand. The owner will be able to mine the currency that he needs more — Doge, Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any other. By the way, in the same cryptocurrencies, the company is now accepting pre-orders for Spiritus, the volume of which exceeded $ 350 million in less than 2 months.

In principle, this is a completely logical decision. Why would a car just stand in the sun? Yes, he will recharge his batteries. What’s next? Why waste energy in vain? Let it mine the crypt, pay off the money invested in it and bring profit to its owner.

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