Mercedes-Benz unveils a new car in the EQ family — the EQT minivan

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Mercedes-Benz continues to expand the range of its electric EQ family, introducing a new electric vehicle and a new class. New to the #eq family next year is the EQT minivan. It will be the first model of a new class of cars # mercedes-benz —

EQT dimensions (length / width / height): 4945/1863/1826 mm.

In fact, the EQT can be considered a logical continuation of the concept that was implemented several years ago in the form of an electric car.

The unveiled EQT electric minivan will seat up to seven passengers. On the same basis, a version of a commercial van will be created.

It’s not hard to imagine that the EQT will primarily compete with the #volkswagen electric minibus, which will be built on the basis of the concept.

Naturally, the EQT will meet all safety requirements, have all modern communications and connected cloud technologies, and, of course, have a level of comfort corresponding to the Mercedes-Benz name.

Amid the emergence of a new electric Mercedes-Benz, news came that #nissan had joined #renault in selling its small stake in #daimler, which was acquired about a decade ago to strengthen their partnership. Apparently the time has come to disengage and dump the ballast so that everyone can go forward. And if there will be unification ahead, it will be only on the field, and in the form of complete electrification.

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