Mega scooter UrmO has died.

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With sadness in my heart I have to admit that

The project was very interesting from a technical point of view. In 2019, the startup presented its version for personal urban micromobility, in the form of a device that could be defined as a mega-gyro scooter, or a new variation of the segway.

Their development was not only about the large wheels, but the folding of the device itself in such a way that it could be easily and conveniently carried if necessary. For example, fold it up and bring it to the office or home to recharge. True, the price of the German mega-scooter was not too budgetary. It should have cost about 1600 Euros.

And now we have to admit that the project did not survive. It is difficult to say now what was the reason for this. It is likely that this project simply could not stand the competition with the wildly popular electric scooters. The same reason may be that the time of the potential launch of production and sale, unfortunately, fell on the height of the crisis, and the wave of lockdowns around the world, and in Europe in particular. In such an environment, it was very problematic to bring something new to the market.

So now, if anyone wants to ride a giant hoverboard, then, as the famous viral video says, they will have to buy a hoverboard from the gypsies, which is called #xiaomi, and hereinafter …

I will not advertise the advantages of the «gypsy» hoverboard, as it was in the video, since there was a little obscene vocabulary …)))

Although, if we talk about the technical solution of the «collective farm» hoverboard, it seems ingeniously simple. Used lead-acid batteries, and ordinary car starters as engines. Cheap and cheerful.

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