May flower in the Celtic sea

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The unmanned electric # trimaran Mayflower, equipped with the IBM AI Captain autopilot, went to its

Named after another famous ship from history, whose historic voyage took place 400 years ago, it is largely future-oriented. The new Mayflower uses artificial intelligence and energy from the sun to cross the ocean on its own, collecting important data to expand knowledge about the ocean and gain insight into the factors that influence its condition. # the autonomous ship represents not only the future of marine exploration, but also fundamentally changes our overall approach to oceanographic exploration. Using the #ai captain, created by ProMare engineers by combining artificial intelligence, automation and #ibm peripheral technologies, MAS (Mayflower Autonomous Ship) can identify and avoid hazards while navigating at sea on its own. IBM and ProMare researchers are also developing new AI-based approaches to collecting and analyzing samples and ocean data in situ to better understand everything from water quality to what whale songs can tell us about marine mammal populations. An important point in his work will be the collection of data on changes in water temperature, and its pollution with microplastics.

You can follow the Mayflower transatlantic crossing

In the future, fleets of autonomous research drones and submersibles, using the Mayflower developments, will be able to spend many months at sea, collecting data every day, not limited to seasonal weather variability, in order to better identify and respond to long-term trends. Also, the «AI Captain» system should show how # artificial intelligence can better navigate, avoiding emergency situations in any weather conditions. In the history of maritime transport, there were many examples when it was the collisions of ships caused by the human factor that led to many human casualties and environmental disasters. That is why the mission of the modern Mayflower is so important.

The Mayflower autonomous ship project is led by maritime research organization ProMare, with IBM serving as the lead technology partner and lead science partner for the project.

Now the Mayflower is walking through the expanses of the Celtic Sea, following the route of its predecessor, traversed 400 years ago.

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the oceans occupy most of the planet’s surface, and it seems to us on land that the volume of sea transport is negligible compared to the sea. But by looking at the Mayflower route on the #marinetraffic online map, we can see how dense the traffic is. And so far, for the most part, these are ships that use fossil fuels for their engines, with all the ensuing consequences for the ocean, and for the biosphere in general.